Learn to drag race from a former Super Pro champ, Joe Scotto. I drag raced at New York

National Speedway for eight years. I was born and raised on Long Island and started drag

racing at the age of sixteen. I became the most winning driver. I had won twenty one

trophies and have won several hundred eliminator stickers.  In addition I also won several thousand dollars in

final round winnings.  Before racing at sanction drag strips I street raced, which was not a safe environment for those

racing or for the spectators. I highly recommend you learn to drag race at a professional sanction race track.


I can teach you the basics of drag racing and take you all the way to the finish line.

Use the skills that I teach you and anyone can be a consistent winner just as I was for

eight years. Your drag racing career can be  longer.




Having the right car with the proper safety equipment and power train is essential.

Your race car has to run consistent quarter mile elapsed times(ET). You as a race car driver must be consistent also

doing the same thing every time you get in your race car. You must adhere to all the rules at every race track you run at.

Before you decide to race your car, know ahead of time what those rules are so you are prepared.




Safety is first when drag racing you must have safety equipment that is approved by the

racetrack were you drag race or by the  National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rules. Every car I drag raced I would wear

a Snell approved helmet no matter what ET (Elapsed Time) it ran and also a seat belt.  Depending on the ‘Class’ (class

examples  include super pro,  pro,  super street, super gas) your race car runs, you may be required additional and or

different safety equipment, which I will teach you. These may include roll bars, roll cages, drive shaft loops, transmission

blankets, scatter shields, driver’s apparel, safety shoes, gloves.  Some ‘Classes’ do require an approved NHRA (National

Hot Rod Association) driver’s license.


There are several types of drag racing:

  • Bracket Racing
  • Divisional Racing (Semi Pro)
  • Pro

Bracket racing is every popular.  There are two kinds non electronic and electronic. Non electronic is also called foot

brake racing were driver uses no delay boxes or timing devices to control reaction time or ET (Elapsed Time). Electronic

bracket racing uses electronic devices that include throttle stops,trans brake,delay boxes and starting line rpm chips

to control the race car. These types of drag racing are lots of fun and pretty inexpensive. I will teach

you these types of drag racing in my weekly blogs with videos.


Divisional Racing and Pro Racing are for the more experienced race driver, who you can become by adhering to the race track rules, regulations, skills and commitment.





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